Monday, August 28, 2006

I did a comic strip!

This isn't a complete strip or anything and it was knocked off quickly to show in an thread on an athiest forum (I'm christian myself but I like to hang around with the bright and thoughtful people there) to make a discussion of a story about Elijah in 2 Kings a little lighter. It surprised me because the panels mostly worked. I didn't think I could compose panels well but this isn't bad! I do like the evil kids too though they're very cartoony. Elisha himself has a head that's a little to big for his body but he's getting there.

Basically it's about some kids teasing Elijah (or Elisha) about being bald. He curses them and then a bear bursts out and eats the 42 kids (or lads depending on translation).


Melchior del DariƩn said...

Yeah, it works. I especially like the second panel (close in on E.'s face/head), and the sequencing of the close-ups leading to E.'s outburst.

The bustier God's Wrath is wearing is a very nice touch; the well-rendered claws are pretty cool, too.

Marky Mark said...

Hey Dawn!
Nice drawings. You are right about the female drawings....add long legs and perky boobs and you have a winner.

Wait am I talking about drawings or real life?

ant2090 said...

wow! you draw awesome! I'm interested in becoming a Comic Book Penciller too! I wanna someday work for Marvel Comics. Do you know how long, if at all, you have to study or train to be able to get a comic book drawing job? I'm doing a paper and I need to know if this career needs a degree or diploma of any kind. How many years would it take to obtain this occupation? Well if you have any of the answers for my questions please reply..I love the art it's really great.

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