Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drawing box pictures!

I have to apologize for how long it's been between posts. Starting with Halloween we moms enter our busy season. I'm not optimistic about frequent posts between now and Christmas either. As a canuck mom I don't have to worry about Thanksgiving (that was back in the beginning of October for us) but I'm a big believer in celebrating Christmas as a season so I'm already starting the baking, planning, christmas cards, etc. Busy stuff. So apologies if my posts thin out for a couple of months.

I do however have the completed drawing box that my dad built for me (my contribution was passing him the wood glue or nodding knowingly at key moments) so I can post a picture.

It's a rough plywood box (Mom and Dad are renovating so free building supplies! Whoo hoo!). The top, where I draw, has a thin piece of pressboard on it for a smooth drawing surface and a lip at the bottom to hold pencils and paper. The top is a bit bigger then the box and measures 19 inches by 24 inches and is attached to the box by a piano hinge. The piece that holds up the drawing surface is neat. I had visions of a couple of sticks, one at each corner to hold the surface up but dad cut a support that's hinged to the bottom of that surface and he or mom glued some velcro on to hold the hinge when it's folded flat and not in use. He regretted not putting a latch or handle on it and thought we should have used a much better grade of plywood but heck, I'm thrilled. The drawing surface is fantastic to work on and the angle is perfect. And the making of it made for a great memory with my dad.

I love it.

Unfortunately, the kids love it too. It's been used for drawing and a jigsaw puzzle surface almost nonstop since my mom dropped it off yesterday. Here's a picture...

The back's of the heads are, from left to right, my neice Maddie, my son Harry and my daughter Catherine.
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