Friday, October 20, 2006

About all the non-comic book stuff...

I know most of my recent posts have not been comic book related but I was looking at sample comic book scripts a couple of weeks ago and realized that MOST of what a penciller is required to do is not superheroes. It's planes, cars, buildings, scenery, spaceships, robots, animals and ordinary people. So I'm lightening up on the superhero sketches for awhile to focus on other subjects and I think I will be inking after all, not because I want to do it in the future but more because it makes me really work on finishing pieces (the discipline thing). Not that there won't be superhero pictures too, but they'll be a lot more stuff that seems unrelated.

Woman in ink.

Yesterday I picked up a couple of pens at the local drugstore for inking. I know they're not inking pens or brushes or anything and I'm saving my pennies for whenever I finally get in to an art supply store in town but they're better then nothing. Inking isn't something I thought I really enjoyed but then I inked my yoga sketches and neice's coat sketch from the last two posts and though their crappiness was spectacular (don't know if I should boher posting them) at least they got me to realize that inking is quite enjoyable.

So today I picked out a stack of National Geographic (is there really any better source for beautiful subject photos?) and went through until I found an absolutely beautiful woman to draw. I did the pencil sketch and it turned out so nice. I was afraid to screw it up with pens. But being afraid never gets you anywhere so...

This is the finished product;
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