Friday, October 13, 2006

Nude Ladies! Beware!

Another post! I've been in a drawing mood tonight so I went over to and did this month's drawing jam. It happened to be nude yoga poses. Very quickly done but I think they turned out pretty nifty. I have to admit that I love drawing nudes as they have all the most interesting lines and shadows.

Almost had a disaster though. One of the neighbourhood kids that plays with my daughter (they're both 8) just about wandered into the kitchen where I was drawing. I screamed, 'noooooo!' just in time. Whew. I really don't want a call from his parents asking why I'm looking at porno on the computer while he's over.

My niece's coat

I went back and darkened it so it would scan better. The darkening changed it a little for the worse because my shading was pretty light and now the shading contrasts too much with the lighter parts of the jacket. Anyhow, it gives an idea of what I had done originally and it's still interesting to me.

REAL drawings

No comic book heroes or fun with Gimp this time. I took out my pencil and started drawing stuff around the house. A great pine tree I can see from my kitchen window, my neice's coat, my hand holding a cup. Great pictures I was eager to show. But my scanner sucks. The quality of the scans is just horrible. I might pencil over them again but some of them, especially the coat seems really nice just as they are and I don't want to ruin them. I have one anyway. It's the pine tree again with a woman's face stuck in front so that I have didn't have to draw more boughs. I was getting tired of drawing at the point. It's the only one that shows up after scanning and it's still awful.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Drawing Box

I was talking with Melchior in past comments about needing something to draw on besides my lap and mentioned that I had an idea for a wooden box with a top that could be held up at an angle for drawing on. This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving (which is why I've been remiss on posting for the past week) and I was at my parents with the kids for a few days.

My dad has a shop filled to the brim with metal and wood working tools. Plus he and Mom are renovating their house so there was a lot of scrap wood around. He and I figured out what I needed and built the box. Almost. He needed some small wood screws to attach the box and cover to each other by piano hinge but I expect to have within a week or so. I'll post a picture when I'm finished and if anybody's interested I can do up and post some plans as well. It's very simple but looks like it will be perfect for what I need.
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