Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Blog has a Follower

That means I have to start posting again.

Oh boy.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


This is Mina's husband. Another rough sketch from the book.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Home!

So here's another sketch of Mina I did from a picture from the book. The dark sweater and pleated skirt seems to be her standard uniform.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm at my parent's house for a little vacation (left Thursday) and brought my sketchbook fully expecting to be able to post more pictures from here. Unfortunately their scanner doesn't work.

Tuesday I'll be home again and I'll post some more sketches!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I've been sketching from the book, "A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador," (The story for the graphic novel) and decided to try a sketch of Mina...

It doesn't quite look like Mina. Mina was very pretty but her prettiness had a sort of frail quality that my sketch doesn't have. Regardless, I do like the sketch. It's one of my ten minute specials and I've come to realize that my best work happens when I'm quick, decisive and use strong strokes. I think the sketch reflects that.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow. My last post was May 8th. I'm quite embarrassed about that. May and June have been a bit of a trainwreck in all sorts of ways but that's no excuse. At least I have a couple of sketches to post.

I had lost the source of picture for sketching some of the people who will be in the graphic novel but yesterday it popped up in a place a least expected and I did a little sketching today.

Just a couple of sketches of Mina here. I used to look at other people's sketchbooks and wonder why they had little notes of very obvious details on their sketches. I think I know now because I put my little notes there to hammer into my head what I had to remember about her clothes.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh! And I'm Doing a Graphic Novel!

I've been busting with this news for awhile but kept forgetting to ask the other person involved if he minded if I post about it. See, this other person asked if I'd like to work with him on a couple of projects. Draw the graphic novels he wrote.

Whoo hoo!!!!

I wore a smile for about a week straight after he asked me. It's one thing to know you can do something but it's a whole 'nother matter to have someone else believe you can do it. And to have that someone else be someone who knows his stuff, knows comics, how to write and be someone you've respected for awhile...In the words of Widget (you geeks know who I mean), "Oh gosh, oh golly, oh wow!" It's like I poured the concrete last summer when I started this blog but this offer finally set it. Now I can walk on it, now I've got a foundation to really start building on.

And boy, I've got to start building. This is going to present challenges I've really avoided up until now. Places where I've put aside practice, like landscapes and paneling, in preference to easier stuff. Frankly, as excited as I was when I was asked, I was equally as scared. I almost had the sense that my bluff was being called. I was being dared to do what I kept yammering on about. I have some skills but they're far from a complete set. So can I do it? Guess we'll see.

Anyhow, Thank you for asking me partner. I'm thrilled that I'm working with you.

Really Ruff Sketch.

Forgive the pun in the title but it really is apropriate. I'm alone in my house today as my husband took the kids and ran away for the day so it was the perfect time for some real sketching. I've been doodling all day trying to sketch out a few scenes for Aleaxndria Jones and decided to take a break and work on Rammy, her dog. I think I have him. I hope I have him.

Here's the sketch;

Now it is really rough and probably not fit for viewing but it's the first one I've done that seemed to have some personality and life and I thought I'd put it up. I'm not sure how much End Rammy will look like Beginning Rammy but it will likely be pretty darn close. I'm not one to change much after I've got a doodle that feels right. Now, I just have to see what Denise says...And give the poor dog a body of course.
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