Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The time? The space?

Holy crap. Now I know I'm going to pencil a comic book one day, that's my goal and there's no way I can get out of that now but finding a time and place has turned out to be more difficult then I thought.

Actually, time isn't so much of an issue. I can always get some drawing done between stuff, it's just that without a commited time it's often unfocused sketching and it comes in 15 minute intervals. And a place...Oh boy. This is a 760 sq. foot house and the only half decent drawing surface is my cluttered kitchen table. I'll have to get my ass in gear and clear it off though because drawing on a nursery rhyme book while sitting on the couch can sometimes create weird angles that mess with perspective.

And I may need some actual supplies. Not that the Barbie pencil and smiley face pencil sharpener aren't cute but my daughter would like them back soon.

So a tupperware container, some good pencils, an electric sharpener (they're sexy - trust me, the other doodlers reading this know that) and my own dedicated stash of paper. Oh, and one of those white erasers. I can stash them away in the container at suppertime and bring them out when I need to work. On my soon-to-be-clean kitchen table. And work (especially now that it will compete with my course homework) may actually have to be scheduled. The, "Let Mommy draw or risk losing your head," time.

Anyhow, here are a few little sketches. The slumped over lady is a frustrated me. I really like these little sketches. And Melchior, I think you're right about me being able to do dynamic, that superhero flying toward the viewer is pretty good, eh? :)

Any comments or suggestions about them?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Faces and expressions

I was sketching faces last night. I think I'm not bad at expressions and i really enjoy them. It's pretty damn neat how with just a few pencil strokes you can convey emotion. A reminder, clicking on the image will give you a larger picture.

1) that was an attempt at Wolverine and I think the nose is right but the face is too soft.

2)She didn't get pupils because she looked a little evil without them. I like her.

3)I just like that one a lot.

4) An attempt at Northstar but his chin was too strong.

I think the men turned out okay. Do the faces show something of a consistent style though?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nude references for drawing.

One of the comments for Muscle Men included a request for a link to some of the references to nude men. I found a great thread in a art forum that has a huge resource of links so I'll add it to my permanent links in the sidebar for any other artists needing the resource. There you go TL!
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