Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monica Rambeau and Sue Storm

Okay, Monica's new duds. Simple I know but her uniform from her last series (when she was still Captain Marvel) was just godawful. This is a powerful women and someone who has led the Avengers at times. She needed something simple but a bit more authoritative. So classic black and white, short gloves for punching, real boots, a half mask around her face and an optional tan jacket with a slight military theme. And no more secret identities, I mean, her last name is Rambeau! Sounds tough enough for me!

I also did Sue Storm from Fantastic Four - Just because I was interested in drawing her. I'm not convinced either sketch has a head that works well but they didn't look half bad and I didn't want to go back and mess them up.


Melchior del DariƩn said...

Have you considered giving Monica a new hair-do (perhaps "tighter" braids), or are the wide braids iconic for her?

Dawn said...

Not iconic at all, just quicker to draw. :) She had a short lived series where she did have tighter braids but I thought they looked awful. Looking back the problem may have been with how she wore them.

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