Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I've been sketching from the book, "A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador," (The story for the graphic novel) and decided to try a sketch of Mina...

It doesn't quite look like Mina. Mina was very pretty but her prettiness had a sort of frail quality that my sketch doesn't have. Regardless, I do like the sketch. It's one of my ten minute specials and I've come to realize that my best work happens when I'm quick, decisive and use strong strokes. I think the sketch reflects that.


Melchior del Darién said...

This is very nice work. What interests me is that your sketch provides a sense of ... quiet determination to M.'s face (esp. at the lips and chin) that the original sketch lacks.

Dawn said...

That's what I was thinking. :)

Mina's got to look like Mina but at the same time I think drawings in a graphic novel have to reflect some of the character's personality and story.

I have to admit though that I didn't intentionally do that. I just finished the face and realized I changed her features a bit to fit with who I thought Mina was.

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