Monday, October 02, 2006

Poison Ivy

Okay. I joined the Newsarama art group. They have a little group of people that draw to a weekly theme just for fun. This weeks theme was Batman villains. Now, all these challenges are nice and I'm giving Gimp a good workout but I DO need to get back to figures and other things...Boring things like animals and rooms and landscapes. I don't want to do covers and pinups. I want to do the stories.

But this looks nifty anyway so I'm going to post it. She still needs finishing somehow and the pictures look better if you click to enlarge.


Melchior del Darién said...

Nice work; of all the recent color work you've posted, this one's my favorite. (Your careful shading enhances things considerably.)

Dawn said...

arlfwcnlI like it too. I keep opening it on my computer so I can see it and think, I did that? :)

The cape and cowl on the bottom need serious work but her face turned out really well.

Dawn said...

LOL That 'arlfwcnl' at the beginning of my last comment was me typing in the word verification in the wrong place and not noticing it.

Melchior del Darién said...

Heh. My first thought was that it might be an acronym I was too dense to decipher. :P

Zues said...

sheesh you don't know that A.R.L.F.W.C.N.L.I. means
Automatic Rendering Linear Font Web Carrier New Language Interpreter? get with the times man :) btw excellent work dawn.

Dawn said...

Thanks Zues, though I may now have to kill you for revealing the ultra secret acronym.:)

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