Sunday, October 01, 2006

First pic I posted, redone.

I went back and revisited one of my first batch of sketches with Gimp. Turned out sort of neat. I could have done a better job with a pencil but not bad. I'll probably come back to that again when i'm more practiced with Gimp because for a really quick and sloppy sketch, it seems to have had some good bones. I'm beginning to learn to save old sketches that I previously would have thrown out. Both this one and the Gert and Old Lace pictures were older sketches I thought I was done with but with Gimp I found some more in them I could explore.



Anonymous said...

Wow. Was that with GIMP? I love the shading you did on the hair. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

How did you accomplish the shading and lines - just using the mouse?

I'd love to try this with some of my own sketches in the near future, but I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to doing anything pretty in a drawing application. :/

Dawn said...

Heck, I only started using Gimp last week or so! I'm a complete noob at this as well.

And yep, it was with a mouse. I'm hoping for a pen mouse (a drawing tablet is just too expensive for me) for Xmas so I can get more detailed and finally use my drawing hand but the mouse will have to do for now.

The shading was done with the brush tool. I had the opacity down around 30 or 40 percent and I zoomed in to %400.

Robb - I tried Inkscape but once I got the hang of Gimp I went back to it so yes, that's what I use. I'm just blown away by the great software out there that's completely free.

Anonymous said...

Well done then.
I've also found the dodge/burn tool to be invaluable. If you can work it right, you can get almost photographic shading with it.

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