Friday, September 08, 2006

Screw the last post.

DUMB post. Who am I to think I shouldn't be working on backgrounds AND lively characters? I don't even have a style. I should be working on all my drawing skills and seeing what comes out of the mix at the end. It's all about (*sigh*) work.


Metro said...

Hi again. Liked the other blog so much I decided to check out this one.

I feel about comics as I feel about art: I know what I like (and with respect, if there's a nude lady in it, that doesn't hurt).

I need a good story and characters to truly engage.

But I think you put it exactly right: the fantastic balancing act of comics is that of letting the art say just enough, be just enough of a character.

Perhaps that's the line Immonen straddles. Keep things moving.

Alan Moore's "Top 10" series is drenched in so damn much detail that it's actually impossible to follow the story without distraction from the art at times, or vice versa.

By contrast, "Watchmen" with its four-colour format and big solid shapes occasionally seems not to quite be up to the task of supporting the magnitude of the story.

My 2¢, and worth considerably less, as I'm a writer, not an artist. I couldn't draw hostile fire.

Hang in there.

Dawn said...

I have to admit I haven't checked out 'Watchmen' or 'Top 10'.

I recently read Grant Morrison's run on Uncanny X-Men with Frank Quietly's pencils and that's another book that seemed not to have the balance right. I must be one of 5 people on earth who didn't like that run but I couldn't make sense of much of it and I think it was the art.

Thanks for checkng out this blog too. I really have every intention on penciling a comic book in the furture and getting paid for it. If you keep an eye on this one feel free to criticize relentlessly!

Melchior del DariƩn said...

Hey, Dawn!

Of the drawings you've posted here, your Sue Storm is fairly dynamic (in both drawings), and one of the Monica Rambeau images looks like she's about to kick someone's ass in a moment or two.

And yeah, as I read to the end of your previous post I thought: "she can do both."

I didn't particularly like Quitely's art on Morrison'a New X-Men, either.

I think that Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross are doing incredible work on DC's Justice. They provide nice backgrounds, take equal care with the individual figures, produce coherent action sequences, and handle the character's facial expressions really well.

Dawn said...

Why thank you sir! :)

And I'm glad I'm not the only one that wasn't fond of Quietly's stuff on the run. There were a lot of times (for me at least) that the characters seemed dwarfed by the detail and backgrounds.

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