Sunday, September 03, 2006

Muscle Men

Men have generally been harder for me to draw. All the muscles (a requirement for comic book men), the bumps, the lack of familiar curves... Women seem easy because the lines are longer and gentler. Or at least that's been my excuse. I sat down this morning with some paper and websites with nude men (whoo hoo!) and found something out.

When you actually sit down and put some work into drawing men it's not hard. Men, wonderfully enough, have beautiful lines too and are very similar to women. Who would have thunk it? I mean, it's almost like men and women are from the same species or something! The hips have the same bones, the breast tissue connects with the same lines. I can do men.

Draw men I should say. eep.

The only problem with finding reference photos to work off on the internet is that the vast majority is porn. The poses, male and female, are seductive or downright dirty and not good at all for comic book reference. Well, okay, Greg Land and all the 'bad girl' artists might disagree but *I* don't think they make good reference pics.

Anyhow, a sampling of torsos and faces below. I've got to work on legs too as I have a real problem getting them right in relation to a body. I'm quite happy with the sketches though.


remix17 said...

Argh! Sing it! I love love love drawing the male form. I used to think the female form was where it was at, but now I find the male physique just beautiful (eep, I even drew it five times today!).

Dawn said...

I didn't get it myself until I really started sketching. Years of drawing and I ignored a whole gender because of the idea that they were boring. Stupid.

TL said...

Could you direct me to those websites? I've searched, because the few drawings I've made of males tend to look like girls, but I don't find anything. The only nudes I've found are women.

TL said...

Would you direct me to those websites? I've never found anything like them, escpet for the ones with female nudes.

Dawn said...

I found the a nude reference thread that has links to lots of good pictures of nude men and women. I'll post a permanent link for you since others who visit might want to see it. Just check the sidebar!

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