Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Really Ruff Sketch.

Forgive the pun in the title but it really is apropriate. I'm alone in my house today as my husband took the kids and ran away for the day so it was the perfect time for some real sketching. I've been doodling all day trying to sketch out a few scenes for Aleaxndria Jones and decided to take a break and work on Rammy, her dog. I think I have him. I hope I have him.

Here's the sketch;

Now it is really rough and probably not fit for viewing but it's the first one I've done that seemed to have some personality and life and I thought I'd put it up. I'm not sure how much End Rammy will look like Beginning Rammy but it will likely be pretty darn close. I'm not one to change much after I've got a doodle that feels right. Now, I just have to see what Denise says...And give the poor dog a body of course.


Denise said...

Looking good! I am eager to see more. I hope your graphic novel project (congratulations!) doesn't eat up too much of your free time.

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